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If you have questions about Paper Minis easy-to-make digital kit copyrights, please read on. If you are contemplating using or have been using Paper Minis by copying, selling, making and selling or any other configuration and have a question, please contact me, Ann Vanture, at:

We can discuss what you would like to do and whether or not it conforms to copyright rule. It is amazing the customers and readers out there in the world who are kind enough to let me know when they think someone isn't being fair with Paper Minsi.

FYI, I do allow you to sell assembled kits. If you are interested, I think 2 sets per purchased digital project is fair. For example: you buy 1 digital kit for $5.00 and easily sell the assembled kit for $20.00, and make a second set to be sold for $20.00, you will end with $40.00 from a $5.00 investment. That's an unheard of return on investment!! Plus, that selling price of $20.00 is very conservative, your return on investment should be even higher!!

So in closing, the intent of my work is to provide a fun craft for  purchasers and newsletter recipients, and provide me with a small income. Not to sound too snarky, but my work is not meant to give you a cottage industry. Thank you for your cooperation. ~ Ann at

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